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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello, everyone!

Here's hoping everybody spent happy holidays, and is ready to face a new year! I personally can say I'm excited to see what this new year will bring. Yes, I have several plans. But continue to remember that God directs our lives and I want to walk in that plan.
Some of the things I hope to see happen this year are 1) finish my two children's adoptions 2) move to Canada 3) visit Costa Rica at some point with my babies. 3) find a place to live 4) find a way to support myself and kiddos

I think that's a lot of changes for a year, and though some of them a bit scary, they're also exciting.

I find a look at a new year very different than I used to. Now, my thoughts go to "I wonder if anything drastic, any 'act of God' will happen this year". I always remember 2010, and how shortly into the year, with the earthquake, all of a sudden my life looked SO different. So many changes happened in less than a minute, that affected so many people. Could something like that happen again? Praying nothing so fatal, but it is exciting to think life couldchange in an instant, or over the year,in a good way just as well.It is so wonderful to know our livesour in God's hands and and He has a plan. But I also remember, if I want something tohappen, I may have to be the one to take a step of faith. 4 years ago I did that, and it definitely changed my life drastically over the long term. To the point that now I am a motherand responsible for two precious little souls!

Looking back over the last year, it's hard to believe it really is a year. So many things happened, especially emotionally for me. As a quick recap, I went from living at Canaan with a 10 month old last January, relating to a group of missionaries as well as kids and Haitian staff, to a trip home in May, to moving to my apartment in June, to starting Caleb's adoption in July, to getting newborn-size 7 week old Chania in August, to having relatives (my mom and a cousin) come visit in Sept, to patiently and impatiently waiting for the adoptions to go through to where I am now. A great year!

One thing that stands out to me that God was teaching me this last year is RELATIONSHIPS! A lot of drama and testing in that area!!! I did learn a lot, and hopefully I can go on and apply that to my life in the coming years.

Using a ticket somebody had given me, I was able to join friends for a meal at Club Indigo for Christmas eve. It was lovely! They had the candlelight tables set up by the pool. Being close, I was able to put tired Caleb to bed after he ate and return to finish dinner.

Loves her little doll. It's soft, and also like a little rattle.

Caleb has learned matching. He can now match a puzzle like this of animals. Hasn't quite learned how to make them fit.

LOVES swings.

Christmas day we went over to the Creshe. I enjoyed their little service, and all the kids got a nice gift. They were so excited. That's an awesome place! After an early lunch there, Kris and I went over to other friends of ours, where those of us missionaries that meet regular that stayed here for the holidays got together for a wonderful Christmas dinner. Awesoeme!

Both babies were sick the week after Christmas. Caleb got sick with fever on Christmas day. Monday he was fine again, and Tuesday and Wed. fever again. Chania had been coughing again for quite awhile. So I found my way to the clinic, where a Doctor friend of mine was visiting for a week. Caleb had an ear infection - easy to get rid of, and it happened to take away his runny nose as well. What a relief! He was like a faucet. Chania's problem may be a little longer lasting. Bronchiolitis. Doctor said she could be getting this very frequently till she's two or more. Don't like that! She is so congested and can't get rid of it. I've been trying to Nebulize her, but don't think it really makes a huge difference. She got worse but today her choking coughing episodes were a little less I think, so maybe she's getting better.

Kris juggling feeding Clare and Cole at the same time.

Yesterday, My friend Kris came over to spend the weekend with her two kids (1 year old twins) she's adopting. Caleb loved having company, but doesn't quite know how to treat them. Kris brought food for soup and salad and we invited another couple over for supper last night. Man, she's a good cook! That baked potato soup was amazing!!!! Then this morning she made breakfast. I don't mind having someone else cook in my kitchen :), if it can be called that! I keep the food simple. The day went fast! Our friend Heather joined us before lunch and afterwards we did a movie and had great chats. Since we're all adopting, we have a lot in common!!! It was great to spend the weekend with friends.
Oh, and last night, at midnight, I saw a new thing (probably common to a lot of you, but a first for me). Club Indigo put on a HUGE party, and gave everyone what I call a burning paper air balloon. I'm sure they have an official name but I don't know what it is. It's like a 3 ft or more paper? balloon, open at the bottom, connect to something that they lighted. That fire propelled the balloon into the air, all lighted up. They had hundreds of them, so they sky filled with floating, bright lights. SO beautiful!!!! Of course, I always enjoy the fireworks as well. Not so much their extremely loud music till 3 a.m. Didn't seem to mind the kiddos. All 4 slept right through it!!!

Excited for the coming 2012 year!!!
God bless and guide and protect you all!!!!

Elsie, Caleb, & Chania


Colleen said...

Hi Elsie: Sounds like you had a great Christmas/New Years (besides your kids being sick:() It is so wonderful to get updates from you and to hear how things are going. Can't wait to meet your babies and see you again.

I spent New Years sick as well, with a bad cold, sinus infection, ongoing cough, etc. Lost my voice as well. Glad that I am off work for a few days now - need to try to recover more before going back to work.

Will continue to pray for you! Have a wonderful week:) Love, Colleen

Yolanda said...

Hi Els!
Just thinking of you and wishing I could play with Caleb! Our family has so much fun laughing at Tyler's antics: it'd be fun to have Caleb around as well and I would love to get to know Chania. Hopefully soon!
Miss ya