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Friday, October 23, 2009


Just want to share about my meeting in Port on Wed, so you guys can pray about all this, since some people have been asking for an update. I'm excited about it. I'm seeing us branching off into another area. Or rather, expanding the area we already started. That is focusing even more on the malnourished people, and now more than just the under 5 year olds in the Mamba program. I see it as more a complete Nutrition Center. It won't cover every one, but maybe there's other ways of reaching out. I'm doing one at a time.

So the lady I met was from the UN's World Food Program. They have 3 different programs: 
#1 Children under 5 that have graduated from the Medika Mamba program, Malnourished and anemic pregnant women, and lactating women up to 6 months so the babies will be able to only breastfeed.  
#2 Patients with HIV and TB
#3 Families that meet the criteria

It'll take awhile to get the proposal in and approved but hopefully by the first couple months of the new year we should be able to sign a contract. 
I can see a lot of potential in all this, so please join me to pray for God's will in this. I think it is His will because He's taking it further almost faster than I can follow. 

Thank you all for your interest and support!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Hope this finds you all well. I am also, and busy as always. I thought I would have more time now that I'm not seeing patients so much anymore, but I'm still always busy. Yesterday Bobi and I cleaned out our medicine storage place. It's tends to get filled up with boxes and boxes and you end up not even knowing what you have. That and being gone for almost 3 months, it was good to catch up on what we have there. Even found some much needed treasures (meds)for the clinic. That took a big chunk of the day.

Today we had another blessing. Lori, a lady that comes to Haiti 3-4 times a year, came to Canaan this year and is giving two days to check everybody's teeth! Thankfully most of the kids have good teeth, but she pulled 3 and there's about 5 fillings, plus cleaning and polishing a bunch. She's offered to come like twice a year, so I'm glad to have them get regular checkups. That's one thing I'm not very interested in doing, though I was given a quick hands on course in it. It was also good personal timing because I just had a filling fall out this last weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going to Port to meet with a lady from the UN - W0rld Food Program to see if they have a program that could help us help the people. I'm looking for something that we can help poor families with, or families that have kids in the MM program, or kids that are malnourished but too old for our program or older people, etc. You get the picture! There's a lot of need. I want to learn who/what I can tap into in local aids already in the country.

I've been so busy I haven't even started on the other project I was going to do as soon as I got my 3 new people trained - and that's attacking the Creole and French languages. Also setting up the new filing system hasn't gotten off the ground yet.

For those interested in Yoldy, the girl that hurt her eye - She's still in the States. They did an ultrasound but there's so much blood inside the eye that they haven't been able to do anything nor know the extent of injuries. Prognosis is not good, but nothing is impossible with God.

Bobi is leaving tomorrow, "going to get married". Marcus is accompanying her but returning next week. The wedding is Dec.12, in Missouri, and they're returning to Haiti in Jan. She's asked me to stand up with her, so I'm planning to go to the wedding too. I'm excited - it'll be a fun trip. Our friend Leslie here is also going.

Yes, our internet's on again. And the battery/inverter system is on so supposedly we have internet all day. We're so not used to that, we forget to take advantage of it! 

Thanks for your support of Canaan! God bless your life!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Canadian

Hello, everyone

Life here really never is the same. This has been quite the eventful week (ok, by now it I'm talking about last week).

Thursday I was sick most of the day. 
Friday I felt better and Bobi and I were able to go spend the day at Club Indigo as planned. Bobi took me there for the day for a birthday gift. Then we stayed over with our friend Lorraine there (she's part of the management there) for the night. Had a "girls night out", which was fun. 
Sat. we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving. Friends that are renting a house from another resort had all of us over, and side benefit is that we could all go enjoy the beach and pools for the morning, before heading back to the house for the usual awesome Thanksgiving meal with all it's trimmings. Got to know more fellow Canadian missionaries here, which was awesome!

Canadians in Haiti!

The not so awesome thing that happened was what I mentioned in my former blog. Yoldy had surgery in her left eye on Friday. Her cornea is torn. The result wasn't good, and she has now been taken to the US to see if more can be done. She is a brave girl!! Please keep praying for this!

Big Yoldy took her to the States, since Gladys and Henri were both there already. That leaves Canaan a bit short on administrative staff. It sure is felt, though people are trying well.

Clinic's going quite well - numbers are down to in the 30s and 40s so it's quite manageable. My new staff is also doing quite well, mostly. The nurse has more education that many, and I just have to start saying something in my broken creole and she can take over and explain it in a language they understand, and I know enough to be happy with what she's saying. That makes training much easier!!! We're really happy with the other nurse too, who's doing the Medika Mamba. We didn't even have to teach her how to convert pounds to kilos!! And she takes initiatives. It's restful to have people like that to work with.

Friday Bobi and I are planning to head to Port. We're meeting with a lady from an organization that we're hoping can help us with food for people. There are many out here - we just need to learn who to ask. Another one of my "jobs' here.

The filing system is the next big project for me to attack (besides French and Creole lessons).

 Thanks for all your prayers for Yoldy. I haven't heard this week how she's doing, since she's in the States, but.....

God bless all of you!!
Elsie, in hot Haiti :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello there,

Just a quickie tonight because I'm sending out a prayer request. One of our little girls, Yoldy, who's about 7, and already handicapped because she was born without kneecaps got hit in the left eye tonight by a piece of a CD cover. Nobody quite knows or says how it happened. I don't like the looks of it. The bleeding has pretty well stopped but the eye is cloudy, can't see the pupil at all. She's on the way to the hospital, (which will cost tons!) so please pray that she won't lose her vision in it.

Our God is powerful, and I want us to take this beyond the usual prayer for her. Let's pray in faith!!! Yesterday Sister Gladys felt God telling her to put all the CDs into our Container. Of course, that caused an uproar (fringing on people's rights??), but was disobeying worth losing an eye? Are we sensitive to God? And obedient? 

The Spirit is in this, so let's pray!!!