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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greetings from beautiful Haiti!

Yea, I’m still alive! I trust many of you that read this have Facebook, and so keep up a little with what I’m doing. For those that don’t, I’ll recap a little what has been happening with me.

Life has changed drastically for me. Both for the good, and also for the sad.

For awhile now, I have felt that my time at Canaanwas drawing to a close. It continually astounds me how God doesthis: I’mat a place without a timeframe – just till God leads me away, and somehow, when the time comes, I go. Sometimes (often) it is negativethings that let me know “you’re getting too comfortable”, or “too settled”, or anything else…. And God says it’s time. It does not always happen suddenly, and in my case it has basically been adding up since almost the beginning of the year. And neither is it always a pleasant thing. For me it’s been a great struggle. The end??? Now what??? I think that is the biggest fear – now what?

Quite awhile ago, I started looking around for another place to live. One of the reasons was that with adopting Caleb, I really needed myown home, where they could come do a “home study”. I am able to do the adoption as a Haitian Resident, which is really nice. Secure and safe residences are hard to find around here, especially for a single woman and child, so I decided to go ahead and rent a small apartmentat Club Indigo. It’s close to Canaan (1 mile) and of course a beautiful place to live (though very expensive for someonenot working).

Love the Sunsets!

It is now 4 weeks since I moved in,and the time has flown!!!! I just love it here. I don’t even mind doing my own cooking so far! It comes with housekeeping included, and I just LOVE that! After living in a house that was dirty ALL the time, it is wonderful to live in a place that is clean ALL the time (except when it’s not temporarily :)

Bones are so fun - this T-bone kept him busy quite awhile

Caleb also just loves this place.

He is such a happy fellow.

He enjoys seeing his friends at Canaan, but if I put him down, he screams.

He has started saying “bye bye”accompanied by waving. Hello and bye are the same waving. He is such a peopleperson. He will walk along and someone passes and he starts waving at them, or pointing to them to draw their attention. Everybody here loves him. His biggest joy is playing with the neighbor boy, and all their toys outside. That’s when I take my computer or other work outside and let him be.

"In front of our house, playing with neighbor boy, Judah Reeves"

I was thinking today, this is my transition time – not quite sodrastic going from Canaan to Canada to live. Honestly, I’m not very excited about going back to the North American life style. There are parts I really dread. Of course many things are easier, but I’m not sure if I won’t feel a little guilty living like that. I think the thing I fear most is that I will enjoy it too much and get too comfortable.

But meanwhile, I’m still here, and I’m going to enjoy my time here. As of end of this month, I don’t plan to work at the clinic anymore. That gives me a really sad feeling sometimes. I loved that work. I’m sad it came to an end. It doesn’t feel real yet. I am really still in Haiti, and not working there??? I have some projects to finish and someone to train, but otherwise, I’ve already stepped aside a lot.

I know a lot of people are probably asking “Why?” There are many reasons that I cannot write about. But the ones I can – Adopting Caleb is definitely one. The adoption is going very well. In fact, the lawyer said the Haitian part of it should be done next month. That would be incredible!!! 2 months or less! It’s not a done deal yet though, so we’ll see. I love the chance I’m having of staying home more and taking care of him – being a stay-at-home mom.

The Canadian side of it is a bit more complicated than I expected. Because I was not born in Canada myself, I cannot make him a Canadian citizen right away. I have to go the ‘Sponsoring him to Canada’ route, and getting him a Permanent Residency card first. Which means that we have to live in Canada as well. So I’m working hard trying to get that started, figuring what forms to fill out, etc.

Today the lawyer asked for more photos of Caleb, and I also need a bunch for the Sponsor application, so I packed up Caleb, walked to the road (10 min), and took a TapTap to St Marc. Caleb is a true Haitian!!! It did not take him 2 minutes to figure out you tap to stop. All he lacked was the coin to make noise (I couldn’t do that to the driver; he’d have had him stopping constantly J.) The truck would slow down to pick someone up and instantly he’d pretend to tap. So funny. He was oohing and trying to talk constantly. Haitians aren’t really used to that in babies I think – at least not in public. Anyway, he had the time of his life, sitting on the last seat in a crowded pickup truck. Arriving, I took a moto taxi to the photo place. That too was a novelty to him and he loved it. Taking the photos presented a new challenge for the photographer. I think he seldom had a toddler that he couldn’t get to stop smiling (the photos were suppose to be without smiling). Caleb is so photogenic. He’d be all serious looking around and then when we had him look at the camera, he’d sit and grin. He held still nicely but grinning. It was so funny.

We then walked to the grocery store, and I tried to gage how much would fit into my backpack.

Haven’t quite figured out how to do grocery shopping without a vehicle. There were so many things I needed. I finally got all my meats and things into the backpack and carried the eggs and bread. The mototaxi was not as fun this time. Holding Caleb in one arm and the eggs in the other, my backpack was top heavy, enough to lift my feet from the pedals at times; and of course I couldn’t hold on to the driver. I was so happy at the end that I hadn’t tumbled over backwards J Don’t think I’ll do that again. For some reason, at the end, the driver took off with out accepting payment. Still can’t quite figure out why. It wasn’t like he was flirting or anything like that. I’m wondering if he really was a taxi or if he just happened to be waiting outside the grocery store for someone and I just took him for one. I did kind of ask if he was a taxi… Anyway, an empty taptap was loading up, and as luck would have it, being the first, and having a baby, they let me ride in the front. Whew! My eggs were saved! Had a moment of confusion though when a well-dressed lady wanted to ride up front too. How she thought she would fit in the single seat with me and Caleb, I’m still not sure. She wanted me to move into the console area). No way possible. It was a kind of double cab (not nice back seats) and she ended up going there. Guess for her that was better than in the back. I would have preferred the back. I had left Caleb’s stroller at the guard house close to the road, so was able to use that for my heavy groceries. Caleb loves walking that stretch anyway. He got to see a rooster (first time??) and honestly got scared of it’s crowing.

Hey, I just thought you might like a glimpse into how people go grocery shopping in other countries. J Enjoy your grocery carts to your vehicles!

Last leg of my grocery shopping trip.

Though life is much more relaxed now, there are still alway issues to deal with. Please pray for me during this time of transition, and Caleb's adoption.