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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My daughter

Well, this has been an interesting week! And life changing for me.

God gave me a daughter!!!

For some time now, I have been thinking and praying about another child. I felt Caleb needed a brother. I hated the idea of him growing up as a single child. I can’t imagine a life where you’re the only one. Of course, this is me, the 3rd of 8 kids. But I just felt he needed one more, and a boy would be best so he’d have another male figure to rump around with.

So after I moved here, I have been waiting for God to send me a baby, “if it be His will.”

We plan, but hopefully we trust Him to direct. So it was with a struggle, that none of the ladies giving up their babies had boys, except one, who decided to keep her baby for 3 months “so she wouldn’t kill him”. Finally all women had delivered that would deliver before September, and I gave it up to God. Only Caleb. Well, I told myself, it’ll be easier when I leave. Settling in a new place with 2 babies would be a lot of work. I started wondering if I had made a mistake in saying I wanted only a boy. What if God had a girl for me? Was I open to that? And all of a sudden, it didn’t matter so much. Still, I didn’t know any baby girl available either. I also had a desire for one as young as possible. Living where I can take care of them right away, I wanted the bonding process to start as young as possible. I always loved it that I had Caleb from 2 weeks old.

I talked to the lawyer doing Caleb’s adoption and she said if I have another baby before his adoption is done, then she can almost tag it with his, at least a lot of the paperwork. Later would make it take a lot longer. Also, later in the year there is a chance that the law will change again, for single women. They will need to produce at least a boyfriend. (Hey, I guess one could always hire one for a few months J)

Also, there’s a law or something about newborns not being able to be adopted till they’re 2 months old.

So I gave it up to God, feeling like it would not happen. I had about a 2 week period max I figured. This is (hopefully) the last week, since I’m hoping Caleb’s adoption will get approved by IBESR this week. (fingers crossed)

Then on Tuesday I saw a note from Heather (in charge of the Creshe that does the adoptions) saying they have an almost one month old baby girl. I told her I want to see her and she brought her over.

And in came a beautiful, 3 week old baby girl. My first thought was “she’s beautiful”. (I’ll admit, I’m not one of those that think every baby is beautiful; Loveable, yes. Beautiful, let’s be honest. J) But my first impression was – beautiful!

Heather said I could keep her overnight, and pray about it, and get a feel, whether I want to keep her. And I hope she’ll never go out of my life again.

When deciding such a monumental thing, it’s hard to be objective when you have one day to decide. How do I know I don’t make my will God’s will?

But as I watched Caleb’s reaction to the baby, I just felt that I would be depriving him of something special if I did not take her. He already loves her; is thrilled with her. Of course, I still have to watch how he expresses that. His first instinct is to grab at her face; Then, her feet. But he already watches what she does sometimes like a big brother making sure she’s ok. He loves stroking her downy soft hair. (Haitian babies’ hair is incredibly soft).

He can imitate her cry as well. Sounded just like a little baby. And he’s been pretty good at not claiming my lap if I hold her; instead he’ll lay his head against my legs, and make me feel a little guilty, he’s so sweet about it.

So I feel peace about it, and have decided to adopt her.

I went to the clinic to weigh her today. OK, that’s not as easy as before, but I did it. You can pretty well do what ever you want if you want it badly enough. (Did you know that?) Any way, she’s 3.46 kg (about 7 1/2 lbs). Measures 19 ½ inches.

She was born the first week this month. I don’t have the exact birth date yet. But she’s 3-4weeks now.

I also don’t know her name yet. I think they had done a birth certificate, but if it hasn’t been ‘archived’ yet, we can do another and I can name her.

I don’t know her story very well yet but this is what I was told:

Her mother died. (I don’t know when or why)

She was left at a dirty orphanage in Port au Prince. She was there about 2 ½ weeks.

Vanessa from Angel of Mercy Mission rescued her and she was kept at their clinic till now, while they looked for a family. They thought they had one but it fell through.

They are associated with the Comfort Ship (They do the consults there). Heather had to take one of her babies there and when they found out she has a Creshe, they begged her to take her and find a family for her.

I think God picks your family, whether by birth or otherwise. He picked a couple beautiful kids for mine.

So my prayer requests:

1TThat the adoption will go smoothly and quickly as I start this. Most of my documents are good for this one too, and will make it easier. Her age is good too. Since she’s already almost a month, we only have to wait about a month, and hopefully that’s all the time it’ll require to finish it up.

2) That we will adjust as a family – Caleb since he doesn’t have mami all to himself any more and me to being busy and not getting full nights of sleep, and it being harder to get out for grocery shopping, etc But God provides friends to help, and I’m grateful!


The Haitian Kornelsens

Elsie, Caleb, & “baby girl”

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 12, 2011



So this is really today's update. The last couple ones, I had written off line, and then either forgot they weren't posted, or was waiting on pictures.

I've been really busy getting all the last minute paperwork in Haiti. Being the first "Haitian" adoption for this lawyer I think, and the first for the Cresh, it's one of those things: "Oh, I need another 4 pictures". "Oh, I need a statement from a Haitian bank with 'so and so much' money so yesterday I went and opened a dollar account. Had to return today for the statement. This done going to St Marc with a taptap. Thankfully I already had a Gourde account so it wasn't too complicated, only time consuming.

Early this morning we took 2 pregnant moms to Pierre Payen to do ultrasounds. I am open to adopting another baby boy, so wanted to see if these were boys. :) The earliest one is a girl, the other a boy but not due till Nov., so I guess not for me. God knows if there is another for me. Right now I don't know of any.

Heather is in charge of the Creshe, and becoming a dear friend here. I am SO thankful for her, and all she does for me.

After the U/S, I went to the Creshe, where a psychologist was waiting for me. He did Caleb and my Psych evaluations. I could've done that myself and saved myself all that money!!! Basically it was a matter of recording my data (name, education, etc) and all my family's names, my hobbies, personality, etc.

Anyway, I am now DONE with all the requirements for the adoption, and I think the lawyer's hoping to have it done this month yet. That would be such a miracle!!! But such an answer to prayer. I need to get on the ball with the Canadian Sponsorship paperwork!!!

Apparently there's a chance that the laws will change, so that single people can't adopt. Or at least, they have to have boyfriends.

Has started LOVING books. ALSO loves the camera. He started smiling like this as soon as he saw me with the camera.

He's also learning to smell - loves scented tissues, but even likes smelling his diapers. The other day I told him to smile, and he started sniffing like he was smelling. Guess it does sound similar.

The shower water drains so slowly, it gives him time to play.

Well, I guess you're not reading this just to hear and see pictures of Caleb. But he pretty well is my life right now. It is really nice to have the time to dedicate to him.

It is a strange feeling to still be here in Haiti, and not be actively involved in Mission work. Time is flying, and it seems there is always something to do. Of course, since I don't have a vehicle, everything takes longer if I need to go out.

I feel very blessed at this moment, it's like a "pause in time", only things don't pause. But emotionally speaking, I'm starting to relax, which I realized I needed a lot. I don't know for sure what I'll do after this stage, but God is faithful to guide me. He always has in the past, I don't doubt he will continue.

God bless you all!!!

Here's a few site about the American attorney, Time Rowe, for those interested in possibly adopting from Haiti.