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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


OK, this has been awhile. In a way, it felt like not so much was happening to write about but at the same time, we're always busy doing this and that.

Today was Mamba day, and I like to be at the clinic more, since we have more sick kids come in - often some really malnourished ones. One that was hard to see was a 2 month old baby, 2 days younger than Caleb. He weighs about 1 kg (2 lbs). The mom is breastfeeding but only like once a day. She doesn't eat well enough to feel good herself. She does have milk, and I spent some time encouraging and training her on feeding. The poor baby has been losing a lot of weight since birth, instead of gaining.
More and more, I see the BIG need for a women and children's hospital. We have GOT to start one. This baby should be under constant care. Any partners with me for that??? In the next month I want to go visit 3 places in Haiti. One is 1 1/2 hrs north of us. They have a training program that teaches moms how and what to cook cheaply for their families. They have also trained community midwives. Another one is a mission in Port that does pre and post Delivery care and teachig to ladies. They feed them high protein foods on their weekly visits. The other is farther away from here - half way to Cap Haitian on the other route. Talking with a doctor who has been going there for many years, he was saying the community training that they've done there has resulted in the lowest mortality rate for kids in the whole country. Worth looking at.

Last night we celebrated Gladys Mecklembourg's birthday. Gave the kids a chance to decorate and the women a chance to cook a nice meal for everyone. The kids idea of entertainment was to do parades - kind of like a runway show and dance mixed together. It was hilarious. Funny how inhibitions fly out the window when doing that.
Naomi made a beautiful (and delicious chocolate) basket cake for her. A lot of people really thought the cake was sitting in a basket, so they were a little surprised that when they touched it, it was frosting.

I've been working many hours organizing my medical storage room. Bobi helped me a few days as well.

I'd put Caleb in is basket outside, but the sun moved so fast, he got really sweaty one day, poor thing.
Or he'd help me inside.
A guy named Don built me shelves so that has helped. It's fun looking for stuff now. Of course not everything was quite in it's place and now yesterday I got another truckload full of stuff (actually 3 small truckloads) so now I need a ton of hours again. But I'm so thankful for it, I'm not complaining. Only wanting the job done!

Gladys and Henri are working on getting a certificate or something from the Cult Department (which simly means Religious) and they've had some great contacts. It's something like getting an NGO status without all the paper work and close supervision. We should be able to bring stuff in duty free (not vehicles, though) which would be a great help. So we are now collecting things in West Palm Beach to fill a container. We have a guy that's offered to take the stuff to the warehouse, so he's accepting things in his home for us. Big things though have to be shipped elsewhere. I will include his address.

Besides for Canaan, we are also collecting things to build houses for other people. Many have asked what kind of things they can send. Here are some things, though not nearly exclusive. :) Things don't have to be new, but please, in good shape.
For Canaan:
Wood, tools, fridges, freezer, furniture (couch/chairs, ), nursery outfit (changing table, swing sets, etc), windows,
For Clinic:
Desks, chairs, fans, filing cabinets!!, fold up tables and chairs, wood for cabinets/desks, fridges (staff and Lab),
For others: Wood, tin, nails, household stuff like pots, pans, utensils, sheeets, pillows, etc. The people are starting from scratch.

OK, this didn't get posted because I gave up on the above list and wanted to talk to Sister Gladys about it. However, she's been either in Port or not feeling well, so haven't had the chance. Bobi and I will try to come up with a list this weekend that should help all of you asking out. Sorry about this! I know many of you have been frustrated!!!! So have we; if you've been to Haiti, remember we're in Haiti :(

I will include the shipping address here but remember it's for smaller items that can go into Jeremy's home till he can transport it to the warehouse. Thanks so much, everyone!!!

Jeremy Hopple/Canaan

1714 17th Lane

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

Phone: 561-317-3355