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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long time...


I don't even want to look at the date when I sent my last blog. I apologize for the long time. Things have been extremely busy and I guess my focus has been elsewhere. I promise I will try to do better next time.

Here's a little recap on the last couple months.

May: We had 3 teams in. First an electrical team that started redoing the wiring at Canaan (much needed). That is a big project and of course they couldn't do all. Then we had a team of hard workers come from Colorado. These guys started digging the big cistern for water on top of our hill behind us. That is an extremely difficult job, as you have to dig and pick at rocks. We're still having guys digging but the rain and mud in it are holding up the progress. Then a family from my church in northern BC and friends of theirs came. They're also electricians and they wired the new clinic (YEAAA!!) They worked hard and probably did the wiring in about 2-3 days, but we're in Haiti so they had to go into Port a couple times for needed items. It was awesome to have them here.

The 1st, we had 3 girls come to help with Mamba and whatever - Morgan stayed a month, Chelsea 6 weeks, and Jessica 2 months. They have been a big blessing.
On the 1st we also got a team that came for a week to do VBS with the kids.
The day they left, another team came for a week. There's always lots to do here.
The day they left, the ACE group leaders came. A couple days later, 50 more people came. They are from the ACE school that we use, and they were busy working on redoing all the school desks and making large bulletin boards. I was amazed how well it worked, hosting so many extra people. They had great leadership and direction.

One thing that happened that was monumental, and not so nice for Canaan was that Marcus and Bobi left. With Bobi expecting a baby, they decided to go home. They will be missed a lot, but we pray God's continued blessing on their lives as they settle back down in the US as a married couple to raise their family. Marcus was at Canaan for one school year, and Bobi was there for about 20 months.

We also had 3 med students plus Stephanie, a friend that is now a nurse practitioner for a week. They were kept busy at the clinic. We had many sick and challenging patients that week.

Caleb continues to be very much in the center of things when I'm not at the clinic. He is loved by everyone, and growing well. He is a happy little fellow. Even when he was sick with diarrhea, he remained cheerful - only less alert and energetic.

He captivates everyone's attention - even tourists from Mexico at the resort, which we enjoyed for the day.

During the time he was sick, one day he wouldn't eat, despite being so hungry. The nurse in me found a solution - syringe feeding him. He was happy with that.

We saw some really sick patients that week. This girl is almost five and was struggling with heart failure. The medicine we gave relieved her difficulty in the next 2 days and she is able to wait till our American pediatric cardiologist comes down in August. He'll give her a good check up. He brings his cardiogram machine.

This girl is 12, but more like a small 8 yr old. She's an orphan of several years, living with a now sick aunt. A friend brought her to our clinic. We found out she is HIV positive and got her admitted to the program in St Marc. Pray for her. She will need a lot of prayer and care to get her weight and health back. Right now she has a lung infection and who knows what else.
Another VERY sick baby we got is this 2 month old, in with a high fever. I was happy to have Stephanie there. Ismaylove, this baby, really came in this white (and she's a black baby). We found out she had malaria - the youngest I've ever seen with it. She was dehydrated and very weak, and feverish - too dehydrated to get an IV in, so we just made sure she got other fluids. We were able to get one in the next day. Because the mother came from hours up the mountain, we kept them in our dorm for kids for two nights. We didn't feel comfortable the way she was doing so Stephanie and I took her to the University of Miami field hospital in Port au Prince. Her hemoglobin was 3.4 (it should be minimum 9 or 10 for that age). No wonder she was so pale!!!! They got blood from the mother and one other person and gave her a blood transfusion.

This is the next day, post the transfusion. What an amazing difference. She's still doing ok. (These picture colors are true to life!)

Remember the Kwash kids that came in one of my last blogs? At least, I think I blogged about them. Here they are. They're almost 3 years old. This is SEVERE malnutrition. The boy was already swollen all over and the girl starting, up to her knees. We got them going on the mamba program pronto....

Before and after pictures. This took only 8 weeks!!!

One unexpected blessing I received this month was that my Uncle Henry and his son Glenn came to visit me for a few days. That was special!!!!

Also Joel Busby and 2 of his friends came for a few days.
Then on July 9, I flew to Miami. It's such a contrast. I found I had to do some adjusting yet. But that's probably easier then the other way. We had a great couple days in a meeting with some of the key people working for Canaan, reviewing and strategizing, and prioritizing.
July 11 I flew home for 2 weeks. Home for me this time is in Costa Rica. I'm loving it and getting rest (and I'm wearing a sweater a lot). I hadn't realized how tired I was till I got here. Naps, not doing anything, bowling, Pizza Hut..... Time's flying. The one big negative though, is I miss my baby, but I know he's in good hands, thanks to Jessica and Naomi and all the Canaan people that love him!

OK, I better end this. I'm hoping with lots of pictures, you'll forget how long it's been since I wrote. lol
God bless you all!!