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Thursday, August 5, 2010



Today again reminded me of how blessed we are. Something I forgot just now as I was complaining with myself because one of our inverters burned out, which means, right now no internet (maybe things can be rewired later), and for me personally, no fridge in my room, no fan at night, and a dictated time to go to bed because no lights. But during the day I got a glimpse into the lives of others, and I have NO REASON to complain.

One lady especially touched me. She has a 1 yr old who's in the Medika Mamba program. She hasn't been doing the greatest so I'm trying to probe into her lifestyle to see why. She gets up at 4 a.m. to walk to where she works the corn fields all day. She takes her little girl with her. She arrives home at 10 p.m. Every day she says. And I'm trying to tell her to feed her girl 8 times a day. She feeds her twice a day. Imagine for a minute replacing your life with hers....

Two other babies, one 10 days older than Caleb and one 2 months older, weigh exactly half of what Caleb does. It's so hard to compare the two. Caleb is so joyful and a picture of health. The only difference is - Caleb got milk 6 times a day. The one that's 8 months is especially hard to see - I so badly want to take him from the family. He doesn't have a mom but does have a dad. He's been in the program for about 7 weeks and hasn't gained much. I know it has to do with the family feeding him. Is it decent of me to take the baby away from them? I'm not one to do that, but would it save his life?

We had 49 kids in the program come today - long day. Today was Jessica's last day. She came 2 months ago, and was a godsend, what with Bobi leaving. We have someone coming to replace her but not until end of September, so I guess till then, I'll be helping my Haitian nurse with them all every week.

OK, it's Thursday night by now. - Laundrys finished, Baby bathed, and internet will go out in an hour and I still have more to do.... So I'm ending this here. Our internet has been off because one of our inverters burned. We're hoping to get a part from the US with someone coming on Sunday. Pray they'll find it. Two days' not a lot of time. That requires patience here too. It means no battery backup at night for fans and fridge, and we can't have all the freezers running and no internet during the day. So praying for a speedy fix.

God bless you!