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Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello from Haiti again!

This blog may mostly be a prayer request. For some reason, there’s spiritual warfare going on like never before since I came here. Or maybe I’m just feeling it.

It has been a month of frustration in every area – kids, leadership, missionaries, clinic, even Caleb has started acting rebellious, openly defying me. (Too bad I can’t handle everyone like him. Ha!)

It wasn’t until this afternoon that it hit me – Spiritual attacks! It’s got to be that, or why else, in every area? I mean, my best employee up and openly defied me in a job I asked her to do! And today another one! I could go on of things in every area, but I don’t suppose that would help much.

What has made me think about this so much is something that happened at the clinic today.

Christerline is a baby of about 5 months, that we’ve been working hard to get ready to take to the States for surgery, with her mom Estherline accompanying her. Christerline was born without an anus. She was going for reconstructive surgery. The hospital, surgeons, hosts, and private plane has all been lined up and just today we got the final forms to fill out, hoping to take her end of the month, or beginning of June. She was also a Downs’ baby.

Today her mom came in, in tears. Last Thursday morning, about 5 a.m. she was playing with her baby when a turkey made a screeching noise outside (she says they don’t have turkeys in their village). Christerline also gave one big screech, and died. The mom felt her throat right away, and she was gone. A friend lent her money for a coffin, and they buried her in their yard. She says her mother in law told her not to tell people yet (they do that here sometimes), and she says that’s the last she remembers till yesterday (Sunday) when they found her by the ocean (they live maybe a mile or less from it). She doesn’t remember anything else.


I think I don’t give enough credibility to witchcraft. Just because I believe in a God that is bigger than the devil, doesn’t mean that the devil doesn’t exist. And we are so surrounded by it here. I’ve gotten used to the negative feelings, the superstitions and almost just ignored them. But to these people it is real! I don’t know if there was a physical reason for Christerline’s death. She had been a little sick a week or two ago, but she was doing fine now. And this is not an uncommon or unheard of thing. There are witch doctors that do this.

Please pray for the mother, Estherline. I believe she is a Christian, but she is surrounded by people who aren’t and who are telling her all kinds of things. Pray she won’t be overcome with influences from them.

Pray for Canaan. Henri and Gladys are basically in the US for a few months and it is hard to run the place smoothly. Gladys came back for the first week of May for a week of ACE training, and now is back again for a few days to get the Visas ready for the kids going to convention on Wed. Which by the way is very difficult and will take God’s intervention (too bad they didn’t start this 5 months ago!).

Pray for the teachers in the school. They have been stepping down harder in the organization of the school and the kids are learning SOOOO much better, but years of neglect is hard to change and it gets frustrating for the ones in charge. They’re doing an awesome job though!!

Pray for the kids. Though this place is so much better than a lot of Haitian orphanages, the fact still remains that there are not enough “moms and dads” to mother them all, and that is hard for any kids.

Pray for the missionaries. Unity among us is essential, but difficult sometimes. Especially when there are more than two of us here. Right now there’s 6 or 7 of us. With all of us having our own way of doing things that needs to jive with the Haitian culture, as well as missing what we’re used to, it’s a challenge for anyone.

Pray for the clinic. I am still working with getting us all to work together smoothly in an unfinished place. The container that has the doors, file cabinets, some of the furniture, etc is still not out of customs. With Gladys gone so much, it just sits there. But more than that, pray that we can meet the spiritual needs as well as the physical in the patients that come. Pray for patience; especially since the weather is getting warmer. It’s amazing how that affects everyone’s dispositions. J

Pray for Caleb and me. Frustrated is putting it mildly, but we’re ok. I am still waiting on Sister Gladys to have time to go to the Judge with us, so we can take him out of Canaan, giving me the responsibility for him. I am praying this will happen tomorrow since Gladys is leaving on Wed. again, but we’ll see what will happen to the kids’ visa situation.

Then I want to focus more strongly on getting the adoption going. One of the holdups (the first one) was B.C., Canada not wanting to adopt from Haiti as of last May. They say this May they will revisit the case. Pray they will go ahead now. If not, it might mean making me go to Canada and changing my province. L

I also haven’t decided on which lawyer to use. Need wisdom there. Heard of a new one that can get adoptions done faster. PRAY that is true!!

Pray for my living situation. I have an apartment ‘on reserve’ for June 1st. If Gladys will get to sign Caleb’s papers, I plan to move out on my own with Caleb. I am SO looking forward to it. I need that change here. But it doesn’t come without cost. Financially it’s really a little more than I can afford, so pray that that will all work out ok. I feel God’s peace about it, so trust He’ll provide a way, as well as transportation.

On Wednesday I am leaving for an almost 2 week break. I am going to Costa Rica for a week, and then a meeting in NC. I am so ready!!! I hadn’t realized that it’s almost a year since I had a longer break than a long weekend. Hopefully I can get refreshed a bit. It's hard to leave Caleb though.

Sorry if this whole blog sounds negative. I believe we’re in a Spiritual Warfare, so please fight with us. There will be a happier one coming, I am convinced.

But to include at least one very special even that happened in the last month – my youngest sister and her boyfriend came to visit. We had a great time together. They got to meet Caleb. On the weekend we drove to Cap Haitian. This gave us the chance to see more of the countryside, which is really beautiful through the mountains. And they even have mountains covered in trees there! We stayed at a nice hotel, supposedly where King Henri (Haiti’s first king) worked in the kitchen as a slave. (debatable J) We ‘horsed’ up to the Citadel. That’s worth visiting. Coming back we ran into numerous “Ra-Ra” groups, making the 5 hr trip into 6 hrs. This is a kind of celebration where groups are formed that danced down the road, sometimes peaceful, sometimes not. Many of them looked drunk. Some dress up in weird clothes, many of the women hiked up their tops all the way – who cares???