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Monday, May 3, 2010


Many of you have expressed desire to help fill a container for Canaan. We appreciate this very much. Below we have compiled a list of stuff we need. There are probably things we haven’t mentioned.

We realize shipping costs a lot too, so if you prefer to donate money, we can buy it in West Palm Beach. In that case you can send the money to Chris Hlavacek, making a note what it's for. His address is on our website:

We have the warehouse till the first days in June, so please have everything there for the container by June 1st. Jeremy is receiving the smaller items in his home and the bigger things at his church.

Address for smaller items:

Jeremy Hopple/Canaan

1714 17th Lane

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418

The address to send the big stuff to is:

Jog Road Baptist Church

855 Jog Road

Palm Beach, FL 33415

Plywood (2x4, 3/4, 3/8, 4x4 - all sizes)

Wood for Cupboards/shelves and supports for shelves

Unfinished wood for construction

Several corke boards and push pins




Water and oil based paint

Paint brushes and rollers

Electrical wires (#2, 6, 10, 12)

Outside/patio furniture (all weather)

Kitchen sink

Bathroom sinks


Paintings (for wall decoration)

Christmas lights

Ice cream maker (electric or hand held)


Concrete mixer

Block making machine

Cutter sander router

Air compressor with accessories

Air nails and air gun

Regular and concrete nails





Pick Axe

Door locks with handles

Hand tools (hammer, levels, screwdrivers, wrenches, saw)

Electric rebar cutter

Power tools

Power tool accessories

Drills, saws, grinders

Circular saw

Cordless drills

Table saws

Windows and screens

Welder with gasoline motor

Mechanical tools (wrench, screwdriver, vice grips, pliers, etc etc)

Doors - hospital doors (we need 12, sizes 36x80 inches)

Musical instruments (trumpet, saxophone, flute, guitar, drums)

P.A. system


Folding tables

Folding chairs

Coffee tables


Single bedspreads


furniture (couches)

nursery outfit (changing table, dresser, 2 high chairs etc)


New or good used T.V. (3-5)


drawers (rubber maid)


freezer – 2 big ones

Commercial oven

Water coolers 7-10

Baking pans (bread, cookies, muffin, cake)

Serving trays

50 gallons drums

Canned goods: vegetables (not hominy), Tomatoe paste, Meats

Wedding dresses and suits of all adult sizes

Cubic zirconium rings

(These are for us to lend to other churches (esp Eben-ezer churches) in order to encourage them to get married rather than live together. Many don’t get married simply because of the cost of a wedding)

Other things for Clinic:

Desks, chairs, fans, filing cabinets!!,

For others: (The people are starting from scratch)

household stuff like:

pots, pans, dishes, utensils/cutlery, sheets, pillows, towels, bathroom stuff

Daycare – we want to set up a daycare , so anything that would go with that.

- Please ask if you need explanation

Volunteer needs:

We have a lot of openings and needs for people who would want and be able to dedicate at least a year of service in Haiti.

-Agricultural person

-Repair and Maintenance

-Trade school teaching

-School teaching