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Saturday, June 18, 2011



Life here in Haiti continues, with it's ups and downs. My focus these days, besides the clinic, is getting all the paperwork ready for Caleb's adoption. I'm still waiting to move off of Canaan, so I can do the home study, but Sister Gladys has not been at home and available on a week day since the first week in May to sign the paper for me to take Caleb. It is suppose to happen this coming week, but we'll see if she made plans to take a group to a different part of Haiti for the week. They say Patience is a virtue. I hope that's right, because I'm definitely forced to build it.

I am doing the adoption through the "Giving Hope" Creshe. Run by Heather, it has become the only Creshe so far in our area; there are apparently only 16 in the country. In Haiti, a child has to belong to a Creshe in order to be adopted. Canaan is working on becoming one, but so far isn't. It is a long and strict process, requiring all kinds of things, like enough space per child, vaccinations for all your dogs (I wonder what Canaan will do with that???:).

Heather takes in only children that are up for adoption. At the moment, there are 23. Some have prospective parents, others are still waiting. They have hired an attorney that will work only with their Creshe. Because she has "connections" she says she can do the adoptions in about 6 months (which for Haiti is really really fast). Of course you're in Haiti, so you have to think a little flexibly when talking time. I think that is only the adoption part, not the immigration.

One of the reasons I'm saying all this is that if you or any one you know is looking at adopting from Haiti, this is a better way than a lot of others. Run in big part with volunteer service, it is a lot less expensive than other adoption agencies. One of Heather's passions is to allow children to be adopted without the corruption and high cost that many agencies charge. Of course, we are only starting with the first adoptions with this lawyer, but she has given us references, and has done over 20 adoptions since the earthquake.

They have the backup and support of "The Voice of The Orphans", with an American attorney working together with the Haitian attorney. In fact if I understand right, it's "The Voice of the Orphans" that is actually in charge of doing the adoptions, or that has hired the local attorney.

Here's some pictures of kids available for adoption.

(Hope you can open it ok).

If you are interested, contact me and I'll get you in touch with the right person and information.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I feel like a lot has happened since I last wrote. I was able to spend a week with my family in Costa Rica. Love going there! Beautiful weather, nice place, good food, home...
From there I went to NC, which was actually the reason for the trip in the first place. Had a "planning meeting" concerning Haiti. While there, I spent a day shopping. That was fun!
I was ready to come back to Caleb though. Missed him! I kept thinking what it would be like traveling with him.
He is such an active child. My focus with him now is some serious training. Typical toddler stuff but he sure has a stubborn will. Little by little.
Since I'm back, I've been focusing on getting the papers ready for the adoption. It's more difficult because Sister Gladys isn't here to sign him over to me. But there's ways. I can go ahead and start the paper work before she gets back. Just can't do the homestudy, since I need my "home" to do it. My plans are still to move out, as soon as Sister Gladys can sign the paper.
So Wednesday I went to pick up his birth mom to sign a paper to get it started. She and her aunt came and I took them to Heather's, through whose Creshe I'm doing it. As I was waiting for them, it seemed the whole neighborhood came to peer at him. They all seemed to know him orof him, which kind of surprised me, though I don't know why. They talked of him as the little baby. A year changes a baby. They were all so happy to see him. I found out he has a 14 yr old aunt too.

It seems every time I see her, I find out new stuff. This time they said they had been afraid the dad and his uncle would try to find him to kill him. Hard to imagine...
It was interesting to see how pleased they were that he knows me so well and loves me so much. The mom said they liked that I was the one adopting him, because he'd have a "doctor" as his mother. I guess that is only if I'm in Haiti. :) And she added that she's a teacher, so he should become very smart. :)

So I'm very positive right now about the adoption. The attorney has done 20 adoptions since the earthquake, and she says she can do them in 4-6 months. Because I'm living here, and I don't need a presidential waver (since I have no other kids), she says it should be on the shorter side of it. I'm so excited. That is of course the Haitian adoption, not the immigration. I've heard so many horror stories, that I can't believe it'll be that smooth, but who knows... Maybe mine will. She wants to start in July, but we need all my paperwork before. She takes care of all of Caleb's stuff, like tests, and exams, etc.

So if you remember, please pray that all goes well with the adoption in the next months!!!

On another note, our staff is turning around. 4 of the girls that have been here for months left this week - 2 for the summer, 2 for good. One is going into nursing school (inspired by all the needs here??) and one is coming back to Port later in the summer under a different mission. So of the two left besides me, one's leaving next week for the summer and one just came to fill in with Mamba for the summer.
So we got to take Cassie in yesterday, and we enjoyed Dominoes. We don't go there very often. Pizza's such a treat here. Then we went up to a lookout of the city. I can't believe I've been here over 3 yrs and just now found this place. It has such a perfect view of all of Port au Prince.

Pastor Henri had his pacemaker replaced today and Praise God, everything came out ok.

God bless you today, as you continue living for him, whereever you are.