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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Blessings from Haiti!’

Life continues busy here. My baby of 5 weeks ago is a darling, but does take up a lot of time. Although she is a LOT better now. She is taking her bottle like a normal baby, burps almost regularly, and sleeps better in between. Now I have to be very careful because Caleb also LOVES her, but lacks the wisdom in knowi ng how to care for her. His hugs are quick bumping her, seeing her in bed is a challenge to mount her and start “burping” her roughly, and when she cries, he knows the solution is the pacifier, so in it goes by force. So cute, but unsafe.

So I borrowed a play pen finally, thinking now she’d be safe. Would you know it, the first day, he found a way. He was like a cat, looking at a mouse. The screen keeping him out was strange. He’d put his nose or feet or hands to it, thinking it would give, but no. Then in a moment when I left the room (in all security thinking she was safe) he climbed my bed, and through himself in. Thankfully she was on the far end. We obviously have some training to do.

He’s also getting more bold outside. Today he headed to the ocean for the first time on his own, and actually entered it. OK, that scared me. Up until now, he wouldn’t go so far without me.

His will and reactions are also climbing, making me pray harder for wisdom and knowledge to train him. Hopefully his zest for life and energy can be channeled into proper activities.

Chania’s dad came to the Creshe on Sunday. He’s from very far away. FINALLY we were able to get some information about her. I didn’t get to meet him though and he didn’t see Chania. She is his 8th child – there’s 4 girls and 4 boys. No wonder he gave her up! That’s a lot for here. She was born in a hospital. He said her mother ate and drank some after the delivery, then died. They don’t really know why, but figured she didn’t have enough blood (a common cause here if they don’t know. After all, so many women are anemic, and don’t eat right). He had a birth certificate already made, so legally her name is Love Na├»ca Jean. I’m still planning to change it to Chania Delea, so that’s what she is to me. She is a full month older than what I thought; born July 3rd, 2011. Almost 3 months. Now that she’s gained weight and is more responsive I can believe it, but she sure didn’t seem like an almost 2 month old when she came. Makes me wonder what they were feeding her. 7 lbs at 7 weeks! She didn’t know how to suck, so they either spoon fed her or used a bottle that they cut such a big hole into that it was basically pouring in. That is, if they gave her formula. I personally doubt they did; At least not the first month, before she was at an orphanage. I have heard so many things that they feed babies here (less than a month olds) when the mom dies or is sick and they can’t afford to buy milk that nothing really would surprise me anymore. Some things they’ve told me in the past are: only tea, cookies, (these are soaked and water added to be able to drink it), flour water, rice water, etc.

So I wonder what my baby had…. Thankfully her belly is becoming more normal again. She still has a harder time getting the gas out, but that’s coming too. She was very anemic when I got the blood test for adoption done, so I’m giving her vitamins with iron, and will need a blood check basically every month. It could take quite a few months to build up. But again, I hope it was from the lack of food, and not an internal problem, which will then be solved more quickly by good formula and vitamins.

I have had some great help this last month with my babies. My cousin Jessie from Manitoba came for a one week visit and we were able to get quite a few things done in preparation for the adoption. It’s easier taking two babies out on tap taps and motos when there’s two of us. J

Then a week after she left, my mom came from Costa Rica for a little over a week. She finally got to meet her two future grandchildren! She also did some baking in my little toaster oven (a 9x9 doesn’t fit in it). AND she did my laundry by hand!

Yesterday we walked to the clinic to get a medical certificate for Chania’s adoption. It is great to see the staff there. I miss them! But I’m really glad I can be a “stay at home” mom during this time. They change so fast!